Quality System

Quality Control System


NutriPharma insists that "Quality is the enterprise's life". As the first principle, we work strictly for the quality management. We ensure the quality by the control of in-process, not testing. In order to assure quality and maintain consistency, we strictly implement every stipulation of GMP during the whole production and an ongoing training program for our quality control. At the same time we establish the supplier-auditing system to control the content, heavy metals and pesticide.


We have detailed records for the production process and quality of each batch of product. Additionally, we have established a strict sample system. As for the products we supply, it’s available to check the quality records from raw materials to final products within two years. 



Agilent 1200 HPLC Active Ingredients Analysis

Shimadzu HPLC Active Ingredients Analysis

Shimadzu UV for Active Ingredients Analysis

Agilent 6890 GC for Pesticides Analysis

TLC scanner for identifying compounds and determining the purity

AAS TAS 900 for Heavy Metal Analysis

300,000 Grade Microbiological Test Room



GMP; ISO 9001; ISO14001; HACCP; Kosher


 Quality assurance

1. Implement Refined Management standardization management according to GMP

2. Continuous improvement 

3. Ensure that quality within the validity period  


Quality Goal

1. Test result: should be more than 95% at the first inspecition.

2. Customer satisfaction: should be higher than 90%, and should be increasing continuously.

3. Customers complains: should be handle in time, and should be given a satisfied answer.